Campaign Info

This campaign is a West Marches style campaign about civilization returning to a fallen empire. It is about exploring dangerous ruins, slaying terrifying abominations, and seeking ancient treasure. The meta rules are thus:

  • No regular plot. The story is completely up to the players, with the only limit being the boundaries of the game world. Why are the players together? What form does their group take? How do they choose to operate? It’s entirely up to the players to answer these kinds of questions.
  • No regular party. Each player has a pool of three characters to choose from for each session they agree to participate in.
  • No regular time. Players must arrange the date, time, participants, and purpose of each session and inform me.

The setting also differs from the norm:

  • Religion is largely based on faith. Divine magic is not proof of religion, as clerics who worship no deities but instead follow a path or belief system also receive spells. The existence of gods is vague at best, although few would say so in a public space. Clerics have no alignment restrictions and can even actively work against their own church and continue to receive spells.
  • Magic is rare and considered dangerous. Common people are superstitious and fearful of arcane spellcasters. Wizards study in tall towers or expansive, windowless arcane colleges, masking their practice from the rest of the world. Sorcerers, those of in-born magical power thought to be descended from dragons, are often hidden by their parents for fear of pitchforks and torches. The attitude of the church on mages varies from begrudging acceptance to blatant distrust and even outright persecution.
  • Technology is at an early Renaissance (Emerging Guns) level while politically the world is at a Dark Ages level. Matchlock firearms exist, but are expensive to make and maintain; small kingdoms rise and fall and war is commonplace.


  • The rest of the world is a blank slate. While the North, by necessity, is very defined, the civilized parts of the world are by and large left vague, with the intention being for the players to fill in the blanks and have creative freedom in building their backstories within the constraints of the setting’s core assumptions.

Campaign Info

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