Silas Rooke

A gunslinger outside his element.


A very meticulously groomed man cutting a wiry figure, and never without a considerably well-used musket. His pale blue eyes seem to constantly survey his surroundings — an attempt at security, or is he just looking for an exit strategy?


General Knowledge

Ever the quiet man, Silas was not one to willingly divulge his past, even to his allies. What can be gathered, however, is that he was raised alongside a trade caravan in the eastern kingdom of Istria, someone he held a great respect for taught him the ways of the gun, and he was brought to Noslith in the spring of 1521, alone.

When the party’s leads on the Infernal Pact began to run dry in Bregate, Silas left the group with an apology, and has not been seen since.


Volkarr the Exiled — Silas grew to be fond of the orc; his outwardly fierce appearance belied his curious and considerate nature. Silas often wondered what the orc thought of him, if anything at all.

Peredur Gower — Silas respected Peredur’s freewheeling attitude and sense of humor, and privately considered him a friend. He seemed to regret Peredur’s abandonment of the party, and wished things could have been different between the two.

Lemuel — Silas saw a deal of promise in the young cleric, and made a conscious effort to support him whenever he could. Upon leaving the party, Silas took Lemuel’s hand and assured him that he had the strength to defeat the Infernal Pact, even if Silas himself could not.

Silas Rooke

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