Lynette Rooke

A warrior prepared for answers.


A kind yet calloused woman in her late 20s, clearly road-weary and ready for a nap. Brown hair tied loosely into a ponytail compliments her brown eyes. Her nose is slightly crooked, and two jagged scars run across her right cheek. A tattoo of a blue crescent moon is visible at her neck.


General Knowledge

Lynette comes from the eastern kingdom of Istria, growing up alongside her brother Silas with the Istrian trade families. Her father oversaw frequent expeditions to the Shrinelands, so many of her foundational years were spent on the road. On one such occasion, the Rooke family witnessed the execution of the Black Cardinal by the Solist Church, an event that stuck with the young Lynette for many years.

When Silas went missing in Noslith in the spring of 1521, Lynette returned to the Shrinelands determined to find the truth.


Silas Rooke — her brother, and once role model
Volkarr the Exiled — undetermined
Lemuel — undetermined

Lynette Rooke

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