Aldus Marte (✝)

An inquisitor searching for redemption.


Aldus is a dour looking man striking a tall, imposing figure. Unkempt stubble peppers his round jaw, and he looks out from beyond his tattered cloak with dark, weary eyes.

A well-kept longsword hangs from his belt, along with numerous other weapons. Most strikingly, a greatsword is sheathed on his back, attached to a somewhat elaborately secured scabbard.


Written History

Aldus was born in Noslith during the first outbreak of the Rasping Pox, to the landed Marte family. Little remains of the Martes today — much of their wealth was razed along their homes in the early 1500s, and a proportionate amount of their blood was taken with it. Petty feuds led way to violence and treachery as the surviving Marte heirs battled for supremacy, ultimately tarnishing what remained of the once prestigious bloodline. Now, all that remains for the ‘true’ inheritor are the ashes and bones they left behind.

What role Aldus had in these conflicts is unclear. According to records kept by the Solist church, he had not returned to the family manor in 15 years by the time he joined the inquisition. The effects of this early instability, however, were clearly demonstrated to anyone that encountered him.

The fear and confusion of those days bred an innate anger and paranoia in Aldus that could not be overstated. These traits proved invaluable in his work with the inquisition, but he remained unpopular with his fellow inquisitors for his inability to “turn it off”. He frequently undertook missions with a senior inquisitor named Ormas, who spoke highly of his abilities yet critically of his nature:

“… sure, if you was rootin’ out some cultists, the undead, uh… sneaky crooks, whatever, Aldus was the one you wanted with you. But to hold a conversation? To watch your drink while you’re, you know, ‘chatting’ with the whores? Forget it. I’d rather burn myself alive than spend another minute with that depressing fuck.”

Aldus died sometime in 1521, survived only by his older brother Renzo and uncle Vivaldo.

excerpt from ‘Families of Noslith’ volume XII, by Reinhold Bertram, 1522


Volkarr the Exiled — Aldus outwardly feared and distrusted the orc, yet harbored some respect for Volkarr’s prowess on the battlefield. Secretly, he was resentful that Volkarr had an easier time fitting in with human society than he did.

Peredur Gower — Aldus was skeptical of Peredur’s attitude and the company he kept. The two had some commonalities, however, and it was ultimately Alduses final decision to save him, sacrificing his life to do so.

Lemuel — Aldus was easily frustrated by the young cleric’s inexperience. He attempted to act as a role model, as his imaginary ‘superior’ in the church rankings, although few of his attempted lessons bore fruit.

Aldus Marte (✝)

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